Industrial grade unmanned aircraft systems

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SMARTPLANE is a developer and manufacturer of small unmanned aircraft systems.

We also provide personnel training and comprehensive support for our products.

Our company has a solid background in aerial photography and data analysis fields.

We are located in southeast Kazakhstan, Almaty.


SP‑X5P flying wing

Large area mapping, pipeline inspection

Up to 1.5 hours of flight, 1.3 meters, 2.3 kg

RGB/NDVI camera, thermal camera, RTK

SP‑X560 multicopter

Urban area mapping, industrial monitoring

Up to 40 minutes of flight, 2.7 kg

RGB camera, thermal camera, gimbal, RTK


RGB/NVDI camera MAPIR Survey2

16 MP RAW JPG photo, 1440p30 MP4 video

Calibrated NDVI, SD‑card recording

General mapping, industrial monitoring

Thermal camera FLIR Vue Pro R

640×512 RJPG TIFF photo, 8.3 Hz H.264 video

Radiometric calibration, SD‑card recording

Thermal mapping, pipeline inspection



Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging can be used to detect heat loss, find equipment defects and localize coolant leaks.



Digital surface models allow to define any geometric parameters of mapped area and of all inner objects.


Unmanned aerial vehicle is just a platform for payload and a consumable item.

Affordable cost and high maintainability are the key factors for accelerating integration of unmanned technologies into commercial markets of emerging economies.

Trend - human factor elimination due to complete automation of the whole process.

User connects battery, generates flight mission in GCS and enters start command, the rest is a task for autopilot.

This approach significantly reduces required training level for operators of unmanned systems, up to self-learning.

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